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Absolutely, you can download videos using Basic Membership.
Can I able to download the video if I'm a Basic Membership user?
Premium membership user can download the videos upto 16K resolution in Ultra HD quality.
I'm a Premium membership holder, can I able to download my videos in 4K,8K or 16K resolution?
Please follow any one of the below steps to Remove Hypdra watermark and add your Brand watermark.
a) Basic User:
  • i) Pay 0.99 USD per video to edit the watermark.
  • ii) Make use of Referral program on web and Mobile app to remove watermark. Learn more.
  • iii) Use Rewarded Video on Mobile app (iOS and Android). Learn more.

b) Standard Membership:

You can have your own Brand watermark in Standard Membership for free.

c) Premium Membership:

You can have your own Brand watermark in Premium Membership for free.

How to remove the Hypdra Watermark on videos?
If your Standard/Premium membership is not renewed or you cancelled your membership you will be switched back to Basic Membership (Free User).
What happens when I cancel my Standard/Premium membership or Standard/Premium membership is not renewed?
Please check our smart plans in
How much you charge for membership?
  • 1) Basic Membership
  • 2) Standard Membership
  • 3) Premium Membership
What are the available subscription packages?
Hypdra allows you to pay both Monthly as well as Annual basis.
Will I able to pay the bill amount on a monthly basis rather than annual basis?
Yes, You can switch plans (Upgrade or Downgrade) at any time from your profile page by using the following steps

i) Click on Switch plans => Choose a plan that suits your requirement and click pay

After payment, Is it possible to switch my plan?
Please check our smart plans in
Hypdra plans and pricing?
We will only charge you once per subscription period for your Hypdra Membership. If you see any unexpected charges please contact Hypdra Customer Service where you can chat live with an agent or submit a ticket.
Why am I seeing multiple charges on my statement?
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I need to create frequent videos. Can I get a discount?
Using Basic membership you can generate free videos
Can I to produce a single free video?
Yes, You can upload your Images/Video clips from PC/Mac, Social media websites and Cloud Drives like Dropbox, Google Drive, Box and One Drive to make videos in Hypdra.
Can I Use My Own Photos/Video clips to make video in Hypdra?
By default, the video files will be visible only to you in Album section. However, you can generate a unique video URL in Album page and share it with your friends and loved ones. Also, By using the Embed code you can display the videos in your Blog and Websites for free
Who can see my movies?
Yes, Users can able to record Audio and Video directly in Hypdra using Audio and Video Tab in Advanced and Wizard section .
Can I able to record the audio/video directly in Hypdra?
Yes, It is possible to add single audio to the entire video in advanced section.
Is it possible to add the single audio to the entire video in advanced section?
Image formats like JPG, JPEG and PNG does support in Hypdra.
Image format that support in Hypdra?
Video formats like Mov, MP4 and FLV does support in Hypdra.
Video format that supports in Hypdra
Yes, both Advanced and Wizard section has Image, Video and Audio edit to optimize the files as per your need.
Does both Advanced and Wizard section has Image, Video and Audio edit ?
Please follow the below steps if your files failed to upload
  • i) Verify that the file's name is valid. Hypdra only supports file names that are 255 characters or less.
  • ii) Try clearing your browser's cache.
  • iii) Please ensure your web browser is the latest version of Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox or Chrome.
  • iv) Proxy servers may sometimes cause failed uploads. If you see the error message: An error occurred with the upload. Please refresh the page and try again.
Why is my file failing to upload?
Yes, In order to upload more than the allotted amount of minutes you need to Top-Up with the available options
Can I Upload More Than The Allowed Amount Of Minutes?
It usually takes a few seconds to minutes to produce upto 16k Ultra HD Videos.
How long should my video take to produce?
Hypdra provides the features of adding text to the videos by clicking on "T" icon under Photos & videos section. You can also set the color, position, font styles to the given text.
Can I add text in the videos uploaded?
Yes, The character limitation has been set to 20.
Is there any limit for the characters in the Wizard section?
Yes, You will have option in Profile page to increase your Storage space. Please follow any one of the below steps to increase your Storage Space.
  • i) You can purchase extra storage space as per your need
  • ii) You can use the referral program to earn credit to unlock the Storage Space. Learn more.
  • iii) You can use rewarded video option in Mobile apps to unlock storage space
Is it possible to extend the Storage Space to more than 1GB in Free Basic Membership?
Yes, You have option to create folders with your own title to organize your files
Can we create a new folder to organize our files ?
Nope, you can upload any size of image or video.
Is there any limitations for image and video width and height ratio during uploading?
Your profile will be active till you delete your Hypdra account.
For how many days my profile will be active if I have not access it for long time?
In profile page you will have an option "Delete My account".
How to delete my account?
Enable two way verification code in Hypdra to stay secured.
How can I keep my Hypdra account secure?
No, there is no upload limit for a video file.
Is there any limit for uploading a video files?
Yes, you can able to check the video properties in Album section.
Can I able to view the video info details of the generated video in the Album section?
Yes, in both Advanced and Wizard section you have the option to edit the final video file.
Will I be able to edit the generated video file in Advanced and Wizard section?
No, Hypdra let users to use the in build library for Effects and Transition for now.
Can I able to add my own effects or transition files to my images in Advanced section?
You can add as much has holders/slides you want by clicking + button in Advanced section Dashboard.
How to increase the number of slides in Advanced section?
There are no limitation to the slides. You can add as much as slides/holders you need.
Is there any limitations to the number of slides in advanced section?
Yes, users can able to Play the effects added to the single Image/Video in Advanced section.
Can I able to view and play the effects added to the single Image/Video in Advanced section?
Transition is just like the effects which is used to add in between the images or videos.
What is the purpose of Transitions in Advanced section?
Annotation is a note on Image to explain or comment about an event/place.
What is the use of annotation in Wizard and advanced section?
Yes, user can preview the effects before choosing them for a project.
Can I able to preview the effects before choosing them for a project
You can share the video by copying the URL and send it to a friend or post it on a social media websites. Embed code option is used to display the video in your website/blog with call to action function.
What is the use of Share & Embed option?
If you face any issue on Generating video you may contact our 24 X 7 Live chat or create a ticket using our Help desk our responsive support team will walk through the needed steps.
If we face any issue in generating video whom should I contact ?
Yes, If the uploaded images / videos /Music violated any of Hypdra's policies it will be removed by Hypdra Team.
Will my image or video will be deleted by Hypdra Admin if it contains violent, adult content, etc?
Nope, Hypdra is a Cloud based Web and Mobile app
Do I need to download or install the video editor on my computer?
Hypdra offers a 7-day money-back guarantee to first-time purchasers. If you'd like to cancel your Hypdra Membership account for any reason, just request a refund within the first 7 days of your subscription by submitting a help desk request here. As long as this is your first time subscription, we will honor your request, no questions asked.
What Is Your Refund Policy?